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Weird ecto ghost picture at gravestone




It seemed like just any other ordinary night -but it turned out to be one of the strangest ghost sightings the  alMost Haunted team have ever experienced (and believe me we have seen some spooky ghosts in our time) Being ghost hunter Bob's twentieth wedding anniversary the whole team went to the haunted Drovers Inn for a celebration. Unfortunately Bob's wife couldn't make it as she had the eight kids to look after.

It was a chill Septembers night when we left the pub - which in itself was strange for we arrived in July. The sky was clear and the stars shone brightly. The moon was full and its light help us see our way to take the shortcut through the old cemetery.

As we staggered our way from tombstone to tombstone, Fred felt an anomaly - but he had just pissed his pants from too many Tennants lager. As we waited for him to finish his business against a tombstone we all witnessed the incredible presence of an ecto ghost. Our dearly departed spirit guide Ivan Noideea made contact with the ghost. It turned out to be a lady who had died in 1922. Her name was Elizabeth. Ivan Noideea asked Elizabeth what was troubling her. She replied, "Nothing is troubling me kind sir, I have just returned from the winter sales with some amazing bargains - so I am in very good spirits."


Well it's good to know that the shops stay open late on the other side!!





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