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al Most Haunted finding ghosts where other ghost hunters can only find dirty washing!


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Ghost Pictures of Children


Ghostly spook attacks baby in graveyard.


In the Autumn of 1999 the al Most Haunted team were called out to investigate paranormal activity at a graveyard in Sussex.

As Bob could not get a baby sitter we allowed him to bring his son, Carl, along - provided the little beast did not take any of our precious booze. Carl kept to his side of the bargain, drinking only milk and he played happily amongst the tombstones whilst the team got on with the serious business of ghost hunting.

Around midnight we here an almighty scream - turning round we discovered that it was Carl in great distress and great danger. A malevolent spirit had risen from its grave and was about to attack the defenceless baby. Fortunately, Carl at that very moment crapped in his nappy - the vile smell was too much for the ghost and it retreated back into its tomb. A very scary experience for everyone - especially Bob who had to clean the disgusting nappy.




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