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Submitted Ghost Picture

My mother is a ghost

The following story comes from an eBay auction dated March 2005.


This is a real ghost story. My mother, Martha, died April 10, 2002 after a 15-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Soon after her death, we started noticing strange things happening:

Ė         The light bulbs in a ceiling light fixture kept coming unscrewed. We thought they were burned out, but when we went to change them, a slight touch made them flicker. We tightened them up and they were fine. A few days later, they would be loose again.

Ė         The kitchen TV would turn off when no one was near it. This has happened dozens of times. Once we were in the kitchen talking about Mom, and the TV went off. That was our first clue that it was her.

Ė         The living room TV would come on in the middle of the day, when no one was in the room. We would come in to find it on, set to channel 88, a channel we donít have, playing static very loudly.  

We became convinced that these occurrences were my motherís ghost in October 2002. A couple of months after Mom died, my stepfather started Internet dating. One night in October, he planned to bring his new girlfriend over to meet us. My 20-year-old daughter was home all day, cleaning the house for their visit. The TVs went on and off all day. Mom had a terrible temper and threw fits when she didnít get her way. We think turning the TVs on and off was her way of saying she disapproved of her husband bringing a girlfriend to meet us.

Since then, when the TVs go on or off, we know itís Mom and we talk to her. She once turned off the TV in the middle of Ronald Reaganís funeral. She continues to do this periodically, usually when Iím really interested in whatís on the TV.

Despite her temper, Mom was a great lady. She was a legal secretary, a great cook, an impeccable dresser, kept an immaculate house, was active in church and my school, volunteered at a local hospital. When I was in college, she typed all my papers, watched my daughter and had us over for dinner 3 or 4 nights a week. She was a great help to me and a true super woman. Mom had a great sense of humor and loved to play jokes and tricks on people. I donít think sheís trying to scare anyone. I think sheís trying to be funny. She knows that this is a harmless way to communicate with us and let us know sheís here.

You may ask, ďwhy, then, do I want to sell my momís ghost?Ē She doesnít cause a lot of trouble, but we are a little tired of the TVs going off and on and the light bulbs being unscrewed. Actually though, Iím selling her hauntings purely for financial reasons. I lost my job right before Christmas. So far I have been unable to find a job. So Iíve been a housewife and mom, with no outside job, for the first time in my life. I really enjoy being able to be here for my husband and kids. I would love to be able to stay home and care for my family forever, and possibly start my own business working from home. But the pressures of paying bills make that nearly impossible. If we could just pay off our house, we could make it on my husbandís salary alone. I figure maybe this is Momís way of helping me out one last time. Maybe she is doing this so we could sell her ghost on e-bay and pay off our house.

If you are the high bidder, in addition to purchasing my motherís ghost, this is what you will receive:

Ė         A small scrapbook with my momís story in it. It will include photos of my mom as a child; in her 20ís; at her wedding; a photo taken on her last birthday in 2001 (four generations: my grandmother, my mom, me and my daughter); photos of the TVs and light fixture that she haunts; and a photo of her cemetery headstone. (She is buried at the cemetery surrounding a world-famous wedding chapel, Duncan Memorial Chapel in Floydsburg, Kentucky.) The chapel is clearly visible behind her grave.

Ė         Her eternity band that she wore with her engagement ring and wedding band. It is 18K white gold and has an intricate floral pattern, no stones. We believe Momís ghost will go with the ring.

Ė         A that this story is true, signed by me, my husband and my children.

Please help! Thank you in advance for taking good care of Mom's ghost.












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