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The 5 most haunted places in the United Kingdom

( Scotland , England and Wales )


Have you ever wander in British castles? Do you believe in ghosts? Boo, Boo… No? Well you should. Let me take you on scary tour that will bring your hair up or maybe crawl through your skin with unexplained phenomenon and stories, facts. Here it comes, are you ready?

So, first of all what is a ghost exactly? Is it these little creatures that we see in the movies, passing through the walls and your body; would not like that! Well the answer to that question is not easy. For some people, ghosts are a supernatural power, a paranormal phenomenon. People that have seen a ghost or ghost will tell you that it is not an alien or an UFO. They are spooky and they can make your skin scrawl to the bone. But are these little creatures?

As a death point of view, the general belief is that when a person dies, the soul or the mind leaves the body and is lifted up to a higher and untouchable universe to follow a path to purification and redemption to enter Heaven or Hell (depending of religious believes and esoteric doctrines). Well, a large bunch of experts have said that some of these souls got lost in the way or did not achieve their destination, that they are stuck in between two worlds! That is not fun! In some way they are still attached to our physical planet. Ghosts can be anywhere, because they are balls of energy and you can capture them with your camera or a video camera if you dare to visit a haunted place, boooo… They can also be mists known as ectoplasm that floats around as a concentrated vapor. For the souls that are stuck between these two worlds; it is said it’s because the way they died or the way they were when they died.

If one is ready to leave and know is at piece, then the person is ready to begin his or her journey to the hereafter and rest in piece, but if it was sudden, when some souls are not ready to move on and just want to hang out in our physical world, well they just want to stay here a little longer, after all this world is not so bad! But another interesting factor is that some ghosts claim they still have a mission here on earth and are not ready at all to move on, so they’ll come and haunt our little hotels or mansions and finish their mission and what they tried to accomplish with their lives or people.

So are you ready now for the real chill? Here are the 5 most haunted places in the United Kingdom.

1.     Chillingham castle

2.     Mary King's Close

3.     Ruthin Castle in Wales

4.     Woburn Abbey

5.     Wellington Hotel,Boscastle   




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