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5 Most Haunted Places in the USA

Dudleytown in north western Connecticut


  Cornwall is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut. There lie the remains of a small town now famous for the settlement of Dudleytown, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. Dudleytown was founded by Thomas Griffis in February 1645; the town was actually settled by—and named after—three Dudley brothers, who moved there a few years later. The founders of the settlement were the great grand sons of Edmund Dudley who had been minister of Henry VII of England. And these three brothers supposedly brought over a curse from England that infected the land ever since. Charming, looks like the curse decided to cross the ocean as well, probably wanted to seek new adventures!


People however do still explore Dudleytown and a lot of strange activity has been reported, paranormal phenomena such as dark creatures are roaming around those woods. They are said to chase down their human prey with ruthless abandon, causing madness from fear or sometimes mauling and killing their unfortunate victims. There are instances of strange lights and reports of demonic rituals. Strange sounds frighten would-be visitors away. Ghosts and poltergeists seem to be the only remaining residents. Are you sure you want to go alone in those woods? I’m not so sure, maybe another time, way other time. The most frequent event reported are large black shadowy beings that seem to guard the woods. Some others say that these shadows rise out of the foundations of ruined houses that scared the curious who wandered into the woods. Sure would scare me! I’d run so fast, I would probably be faster than the shadow itself! It is very well known that Dudleytown procures bad vibes to people.


But what happened back then to bring such a fright to people and instigate such a paranormal activity? Well the town began in 1740 as a farming town of around ten families including the great grandsons of Edmund Dudley. It was this family that brought Dudleytown to life but probably to its death as well. The inhabitants of the town supplemented their income by felling lumber to produce charcoal for the iron industry in a nearby town. It was a difficult life, but it seemed that most settlers of Dudleytown were doing wonderfully, until something manifested itself with full and violent force upon Dudleytown. People seemed to loose their mind and madness invaded the town. Some members were struck by lightning and died; others hanged themselves and some of them committed murders, diseases and so on. Oooh, that’s for sure I would not even set a foot near this town, too freecky, madness? Do people really loose their mind after seeing a big creature? Well, it seemed like it because they all had something in common, they all saw a big monster bursting out from the forest. Death and misfortune stroke the people of Dudleytown well over the 20th Century.

So, is Dudleytown really haunted? It seems that everyone has a different opinion on this matter. But the many photographs taken by different tourists seem to suggest it is!!



Article by alMost Haunted investigator, Anne Garrett, for Ghost Pictures




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