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Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee


Bell Witch Cave is located in the small and sleepy town of Adams, Tennessee. The cave lies hidden on the side of a bluff on the former property of John Bell’s family house. It is a story to really make your skin crawl. The event started in 1817 and has always intrigued people since the early 19th century. The Bells were successful farmers when something happened that turned their world upside down by a paranormal phenomena. The two main persons the ghosts were after was John Bell himself and his 12 year old little girl, Betsy. This spiritual creature was very strong minded in seeing John Bell dead. At the beginning the house was afflicted with knocking noises and scratching sounds and soon the sounds looked like dogs fighting and wings flapping around this big mansion. Dog fights? I would’ve not like being in the house at that time, boo no! But as the story tells, John Bell did in fact die at the hands of the Bell Witch.


The Bell family kept the secret for a long time. I would too, saying that your house is haunted, ghost no! But in 1818, John Bell has been afflicted with a strange disease that affected his jaw and tongue. Soon, the ghost claimed herself and said she was the witch of Kate Batts, a woman (his neighbor) who hated John Bell because of a bad business transaction. She started to threaten him and definitely stating she would kill him, poor guy, his life was just beginning to be Hell! The ghost was called the Bell Witch because it called herself that and was constantly harassing the Bell family


But after some time the Bell family could not keep the secret any longer and they had to tell someone. They told some of their closest friends. They asked some friends to come and sleep over just to see for themselves, I don’t know if I would like to be in a haunted house just to hear weird things, not my favorite sleepover! So they did, and they heard laughter and had the sheets pulled off of them, boo, put that back dude, it’s cold! But no one could defeat the Bell Witch.


Unfortunately, Betsy Bell was also a victim of the Bell Witch ghost’s cruelty. The Witch “Kate” has been torturing Betsy for days, pinching and slapping her and worse, pulling her hair, ouch, that hurts! But this is more than being a ghost, it is more like a demoniac phenomena such as infestation, oppression and possession of premises. Kate Batts had only one purpose and one purpose only, to kill and see that John Bell would die. He died after three years of being tormented him and his family. After his death the haunting subsided.


So who was really the Bell Witch? Kate Batts’ghost? Or just an entity that created itself? No one will ever know. But whatever the Bell Witch was, the residents of Adams, Tennessee believe she still hangs around. Hey, maybe I’ll go check it out, who knows…


Article by alMost Haunted investigator, Anne Garrett, for Ghost Pictures




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