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5 Most Haunted Places in the USA.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, near Midlothian, Illinois




Bachelor’s Grove is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Located near the south suburbs of Chicago on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, Midlothian, Illinois the cemetery is abandoned and dishevelled. Ooohh…Spooky. For sure I will not go there, especially at night, no ghost for me. The name Bachelor’s Grove came from the fact that a lot of single men were living in the area and no one has been buried in there since the 1960s. Among the ghosts that are haunting this charming place are; a farmer with his horse pulling a plough, (whom drowned in a river), the White Lady who appears only during full moon, sure like the wolf and all, and of course a lot of mobsters and murder victims from the 1920s Chicago.


A lot of strange paranormal phenomena have been reported such as actual apparitions, unexplained sights and sounds and even glowing balls of light. But even the day one can feel some kind of presence, really frightening! Well at least one won’t be in the dark to find the way! The haunted history of the Bachelor’s Grove cemetery began in 1844 when the area was left behind as a burial ground, first called "Everdon's". It was actually the first burial in the cemetery and has been used until 1965, when things began to drift off until 1989 when another burial occurred, the ashes of a local were interred.


It is in the mid 1880’s that the cemetery was known at Bachelor’s Grove and has around 125 people buried in it. But problems began when the road leading to the cemetery became a popular “lover’s lane”, quite a charming place for a romantic date, don’t you think? Anyway, in 1965, it was closed because of the way it was left abandoned and forgotten, but this was only the beginning. People say that things have gotten worse and that satanic and occultists groups perform ceremonies, leaving behind them the remains of their Satanism, even Vandals have left few of the graves still standing and many tombstones have been stolen and stories report that the graves move by themselves.


To enter Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, you have to take a small gravel trail away from the turnpike, are you sure you want to go there? Beware of the spooky ghosts! It is on this small road that people have reported that they saw a white farmhouse that appears and disappears. The house is always described in the same way by visitors, as a white house with porch pillars, a swing and a soft light burning in the window, but it never stays in the same place and the house have been seen during daylight and night but there is no historical record stating that a house was ever being built there. Oohhh, strange…


The most famous ghost reported is the one of the farmer and his horse whom two forest rangers have spotted guiding his horse and plough more than one hundred years later.  So, are you up for a little fright? You want a romantic date with your loved one, why not surprise her and take her to Bachelor’s Grove, I’m sure she’ll like it! Just be ready to spend a lot of night outside on the porch!


Article by alMost Haunted investigator, Anne Garrett, for Ghost Pictures





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