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Ghosts of the haunted theatre.



In 2002 the  al Most Haunted team went to see a West End show of a slightly different nature. The theatre in central London had for some months experience some bizarre paranormal activity. During rehearsals soft sounds could be heard as if another cast of actors were rehearsing nearby.

With plasma sensors, electromagnetic sensors and philatrons in hand the team set out to find out what was going on - after a stop in the theatre bar of course.

It didn't take the team long to discover that a band of long since dead Australian actors were also staging a performance at the theatre.

Through our dearly departed spirit guide, Ivan, we discover that the group had all died in a theatre fire in 1922 and now toured the spirit world performing, to much acclaim, to ghosts and ghouls from Bangkok to Bangor.

The were delighted to pose for the picture above since they hadn't had a publicity picture taken for many years.




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