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Haunted bedroom picture



To sleep, perchance to dream.

No such luck for the tortured Klint Yeastwood - for he has had to put up with a haunted bed for eight years and sharing a bed with an insomniac spook is no fun.

Klint tried exorcisms, prayers and just simple shouting abuse at the spook - but nothing seemed to work. In desperation he contacted the al Most Haunted team.

With  garlebastabobimater and zapaghosterblasters in hand we marched into the bedroom only to hear a dull snoring noise coming from the bed.

Cautiously we woke the sleeping ghoul - he was none too amused. With the help of our dearly departed spirit guide Ivan Noideea we heard the spooks story. His name is Horste and he died in a tragic factory accident ten years ago. He had lived in the room that Klint now occupies and, not knowing that he is dead he still does, Unfortunately, just like Horste,  Klint works the nightshift and each evening heads out to the sweet  factory where he makes chocolates for the angels.

He refused to give up the bed! There obviously was a need for compromise.

At last, after an evening of discussion, and a few bottles of whisky, the matter was resolved. The following week Horste transferred to the day shift and now they happily share the bed.





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