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A happy graveyard ghost story


When the al Most Haunted team were called to investigate paranormal activities in a graveyard in the suburbs of Paris we thought it would turn out much as other investigations did - lots of drinking lots of beer and whiskey, asking locals a few questions, more drinking then hunting for a ghost with our plasmatrons, holobolistics and mnemetometers.

But this investigation turned out to be quite different - there was little choice of whiskey and the beer was hot, so we had to settle for wine instead - oh well - that's the joy of Paris.

When eventually we got to the graveyard we settled down for a night of ghost watching but we didn't have to wait for long. With the hour we were buzzed from above as the spook skimmed straight across our heads. This was followed by a spectacular display of air skating. Only after an hour's display did the ghost stop on earth long enough to tell us his story.

Our young air skater was, Pierre, who died in 1997 in a tragic road accident. The lad had loved life and was a keen skater, skier, surfer - though rather reckless car driver. Before he died he was taking flying lessons and longed to fly solo. Now in death he is able to continue his love of sport - creating magnificent air displays for anyone willing to take the time to watch.






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