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Bachelor Grove Cemetery Chicago




The most haunted team are well aware of the wonderful infrared photograph that was taken by Jude Huff-Felz during a parapsychological investigation by the Ghost Research Society in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, on August 10, 1991.

On 2nd January 2004 the alMost Haunted team set out for the cemetery in an effort to find this famous ghost. With instruments at ready, and several bottles of whisky left over from hogmanay in hand, the team carefully scanned the cemetery for any signs of abnormal activity. Suddenly the electromagnetic meter went wild - everyone became excited until we discovered that Bob was on his mobile phone ordering up pizzas and the UHF signal was affecting the reading. Sadly, despite 4 hours in the cold, three bottles of whisky and eight  pizzas the team left without a single picture.

We did however manage to take a photo of the original photograph that was taken in 1991.  This photo shows a young lady with long hair sitting  on a tombstone. She appears to wear a light coloured dress that reaches her ankles.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has been in use since 1864. It was used  by gangsters to dump their victims after brutal murders. The burial ground is very small and has a dank mysterious little pond.




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