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Ghost Pictures of Children


Ghost boy haunts his old school.

In 1996 the
al Most Haunted team were called out to a school in Texas where some strange happenings were terrifying all the school children. When we arrived there was mass hysteria - the children and teachers were clearly terrified  of something and few people would enter the building.

The team assured the headmaster that by the time the school opened again on the Monday the ghost would have been exorcised. Saturday morning was spent searching the building using our plasmatron and electrostatic sensors - but there was no sign of any paranormal activity. Around 4 pm as the team were about to leave for the pub we all heard the unmistakable sound of a child crying. Sure enough, sitting on a front seat in one of the little classrooms was a small child. He was obviously extremely upset. Our dearly-departed spiritual guide, Ivan went into action. He spoke to the boy for some time and discovered that he was unable to pass over to the other side because he had left his glasses in the human world. The team set about finding the glasses and eventually discovered then in a small box that had been placed in the classroom cupboard. At last Timothy, was able to find happiness - but before going he was willing to pose for a photograph on the steps of the school building.





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