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Ghosts of Halloween - strange ghostly orb at Halloween pub party.



Halloween 2000 and   the al Most Haunted team were at the Cumberland Inn ready to tackle the spooks and ghosts - but first there was some serious business to attend to at the hotel bar.

After a few round had been consumed to prepare the team for the hard night of ghost hunting Bill said he saw an anomaly at the bar. We insisted if was just a rather pretty girl but he insisted he had seen a orb move across the front of the bar.

Bill took a few pictures and captured the wonderful orb shown above.

Our dearly departed spirit guide Ivan Noideea went into action. He discovered that the orb was being caused by a spirit named Camelo, a Spanish soldier who had died in 1771. He was feeling very frustrated, for since his death his chat up lines didn't work and he had had no action for over 300 years. Ivan offered to help. He passed on Camelo's messages through Bill to the Alice, the girl at the bar. Alice was delighted to be attracting the attention of a long dead Spanish soldier and the pair immediately hit it of - a sort of love at first sight. Camelo and Alice had a wonderful Halloween party together and are still courting (through a medium)




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