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Ghost Pictures of Children


The Spooky Halloween Spooks.


At first sight this looks just like a photograph of two girls ready to go out to a Halloween party - albeit it, it  seems that they were just too lazy to bother making an effort to put on proper fancy dress.

You will be surprised to discover that in fact the girls are wearing no make-up or fancy dress at all!!

All this happened in a sleepy suburb of Aberdeen, Scotland back in 2001. The girls and some friends had just returned home after a great Halloween party and were looking for some excitement. Su, the girl on the left, got out an old ouija board and within a few minutes the girls were sitting excitedly around it with just the light of a candle.

What followed shocked them all.

As the girls giggled the planchette began to move - it spelled out the word  D . . E . . A . . T . . H

the laughing stopped and the girls stared at each other - expecting someone to confess to making the planchette move. But before a word could be spoken a wind swept around the room, blowing out the candle. In the darkness tables and chairs were thrown around. Screaming with fear the girls ran from the darkness to the safety of the hallway. Moments later the turmoil was over and peace befall the household.

It was several days later that the two girls discovered that any photograph taken of them showed them in the Halloween costumes they had worn that strange night.

The girls were possessed by the clothing - a phenomenon known as phemonemalitismitall. The al Most Haunted team were called in to help - we can gladly report that within just a few hours the girls were returned to "normal." 





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