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Ghosts of Halloween - strange ghostly face at Halloween party.




It was Halloween in 2001 and   the al Most Haunted team were at a party in the Swan Hotel - a well known haunt for spooks and ghosts.

No sooner had the party begun when an unearthly presence could be detected. As the night went on and more booze consumed the apparitions became stronger.

Even without our special ghost seeking  scientific instrumentation, of  Fartatronics Bumblasster Megameter it was obvious that there was a strange presence in the room. Many of the guests felt a cold sensation and strange deathly smells.

Then, as midnight approached the head of a girl, which seemed to have misplaced its body was seen by several people. The head faded in and out of perception - sometimes it was possible to see the full face - at other times just two crazed eyes could be seen. Will captured fifty pictures including the one above. Unfortunately the other forty-nine only included the girl in red.




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