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Ghosts of Halloween - ghost guardian angel at Halloween party.



Patrick Fitzwilliam was having a great time at the gay Halloween party. His soldiers uniform went down well with the boys and he quickly scored. Little did he realise that he was been watched over by his guardian angel or that 30 minutes after this picture was taken she would save his life.

An incident with a whip, a condom and a petrol can caused an horrendous file which burned the house down killing eight people. Patrick was blinded by the smoke and unable to breath when he felt a hand grasp his. It was not his new friend William but his guardian angel. The angel led him down a flight of stairs to safety.

A few days later, when Patrick saw the pictures taken at the party he spotted his guardian angel amidst all the gay guys at the party.

This is truly an amazing story of how someone from beyond can look after a earthly being.




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