al Most Haunted real ghost pictures

- the best collection of real ghost pictures on the internet.

ghost pictures

al Most Haunted finding ghosts where other ghost hunters can only find dirty washing!


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 al Most Haunted ghost pictures

- the best collection of real ghost pictures on the internet. No fake photos here!!!


al Most Haunted finding ghosts where other ghost hunters can only find dirty washing!

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al Most Haunted spreading the word that ghosts have feeling too.


Ghost Information

Are you involved in paranormal research? Do you investigate ghost sightings? Do you undertake exorcisms on people possessed by demons? Are you a habitual drinker with a camera and an eye for a good ghost story? Why not join alMost Haunted and share your insanity with a gullible internet audience. We are always looking for people to write for the website or send real ghost photos for us to publish. Join today - for you might be a ghost tomorrow!

Have you taken a genuine ghost picture? Is so why not send it to al Most Haunted and we will publish the best ghost pictures on this highly reputable ghost hunters website. Send your ghost pictures to smm2424(at)

Ghost Pictures   o o o o



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