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Fake or real? Put your paranormal powers to the test. Take a good look at these ghost photographs and try to decide whether they are fake or real. Answers are at the bottom of the page
A These girls seem happy as the get ready to go to a beach party in their sexy skimpy bikinis. But take a look at the spooky smiley face above the girl in the black bikini. Is it a fake picture or is it a real ghost?
B Taken at midnight in Greyfriar's Cemetery - is this ectoplasm or has the photographer done some tricks in the darkroom?
C While kitty sleeps a spooky estaplamic goo seems to be about to possess her body. Is the estaplama real or is it just some string dangling in front of the camera?
D This picture was taken on a snowy evening in New York - but what are the strange blobs that spread across the picture. Is this some freak of nature or are some beings from beyond the grave trying to contact the fat guy to tell him that he looks a complete asshole?
E These girls look hot. But strangely when the young college student took the picture there was no one else in his room. He believes that these three girls died at a college party five years before he took the photo. Is he right or wrong?
F There seems to be neoplasm rising from this grave. Is this a fake ghost picture or a real one?
G Take a close look at the sexy girl on the left - the one showing off her long hot legs. The girl claims that she is normally a shy retiring girl and that she would never dress up in such a slutty dress. She believes that her body was possessed by some evil sex driven hussy at the time the photo was take. Do you believe her or was she just so stoned out of her mind that she remembers nothing?
H Is this spooky ghost picture real or fake?
ANSWERS: In actual fact none of the above pictures are fakes!!! They are all real photos of ghosts!!

So how did you do? If you manage to get all the answers right we would like you to join the alMost Haunted Ghost Hunters Society. email us at smm4242(at)



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