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Ghosts of Halloween - apparition appears in Halloween picture.


holiday pictures funny photo



Grace and her friends had a great Halloween party. Dressed as sexy witches the drank a vast amount and picked up some unsuspecting lads . . . the rest is a bit of a haze.

However when Grace got the Halloween pictures printed she was shocked to discover strange cryptic numbers on the bottom right hand corner of each of the photographs. She immediately assumed that it was a message from her gran who had mysteriously died twelve years previously.

In an attempt to solve the spooky riddle, Grace sent all the photos to the alMost haunted team. For months we studied the pictures. what could the numbers and words mean?

Does PM stand for paranormal message or poltergeist medium?

What do the numbers 10:17, 10:19, 10:26, 10:42 etc mean.

The alMost haunted are stumped - we can not figure this one out - even with the help of several bottles of whisky.

Please help - if you have suggestions as to what these cryptic messages mean please email us at smm(at)




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