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Strange happenings in the attic



The al Most Haunted team recently investigated this paranormal activity taking place in a residential area on the East side of Boston. On this occasion we had no need for our vast array of scientific ghost hunting equipment and the plottotronic sceismic meter, the jellycaturesque and spookyteasmade all remained in there cases, for the moment we arrived at the haunted house the ghost came to greet us. Or perhaps I should say - the ghost tried to chase us away!

Reluctantly, and rather grumpily, the spook agreed to talk with our dearly departed spirit guide  Ivan Noideea, Turns out that the ghost, Bud Wizzer, was a security patrol officer who died on the job in 1992 after being hit from behind with lead piping, in the conservatory by Mrs Plum. Since then Bud has been faithfully guarding the property day and night, not realising that he was in fact completely dead. When Ivan explained the reality of the situation, Bud was able to make that final crossing to peace and harmony. He did however, vow that, when he got to the other side, he would sue for all those years since his death that he was worked without getting a cent of pay.



More spooky ghoulish haunted house stories coming soon




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