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Russian spirits and ghouls.



In a poor little village in Dugangst, Russia a lonely widow, Issanouchavicc, greats each morning with salty tears. For many long years she has struggled alone to bring up the twelve children that she bore to her husband after they married in 1982. Sadly, Ghorgabich died in a traggic fissing acciden of the coast of Norwouchicic in 1990.

But Ghorgabich went down with a great secret, for Issanouchavicc had hidden a secret treasure which, if discovered could make the lives of Issanouchavicc and her eighteen children more bearable. Perhaps, hoped Issanouchavicc, her eight daughters would not have to be sent away to earn a living as prostitutes and her ten sons may avoid the terror of having to slave away sulphur mines of Nithruimanchovic.  The al Most Haunted team were sent out to help. With the help of a spiritual translator, our dearly departed spirit guide, Ivan helped Ghorgabich reveal his long held secret. In the basement was a large cask where he had stored the treasure.

Unfortunately this story has a rather sad ending - while searching the basement the team came across a huge case of vodka - naturally the downed it while searching for the hidden treasure. It was too late when we discovered that we had just consumed a small fortune worth of fifty year old vodka.

Never mind - you can't win them all - but as the photo above shows Ghorgabich was none too happy - in fact he would be turning in his grave if he had one!




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