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al Most Haunted finding ghosts where other ghost hunters can only find dirty washing!


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 Ghost in a jar - information and ebay auctions

The World Famous Ghost in a jar

Buy a Ghost in a Jar  This is a haunting present to give anyone would make a great wedding gift.

Ghost in a jar spin-offs

 Ghost in a Wine Bottle For those ghosts who are scared of jars.

Ghost in a Bra   Spooks and Droops

Ghost in a Car  For a fast getaway

Haunted Hooker This hooker gets her kicks in mysterious ways.

Haunted Mirror  See a spook every time.

Ghost in a maths book Smart arse spook.

Boobs in a Jar 46DD Ghosts

My Ghost in a Jar Just hope he dies before you do!!

Ghost in a Light Bulb Bright Spook

Strange Presence in a Jar Not quite a ghost then??

Not the Ghost in a Jar  Its escaped apparently

Ghost Dog Poo in a Jar Poodle-Poo

Ghost in a cup

Haunted Hand

Ghost Tits In our out the jar these are too hot to handle!!

Evil In a Bottle

Other spooky sales

Haunted House A London flat with a ghost!!

Haunted Quilt  Go to bed with a spook (also see haunted hooker)

Please send your ghost photographs to almosthaunted (at)

The best photos will be included in this spooky haunted website.



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